Multigrid® is an engineered, high strength network of interconnected cells that stabilizes soils and increases the bearing capacity of soils through the process of soil confinement.

The Multigrid® system provides innovative solutions to challenging soil stability problems prevalent in gravel roads, drainage channels and embankment support and protection. The honeycomb grid, made from High Density Poly Ethylene ( HDPE) provides a cost effective solution for the increase in the loads that gravel roads are able to safely accept from loads imposed by truck and traffic loads, thereby greatly reducing wear and tear on these gravel roads, and reducing maintenance intervals and costs.

When the cells are filled with soil, stone or concrete, the grid creates a new composite entity with superior mechanical and geotechnical properties. This in turn creates a stiffer mattress or slab, which dramatically reduces soil loss, deformation of the road surface, and distributes loads over a greater surface area.